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Tomorrow the Transition Network conference begins in Liverpool (Friday 8th till Monday 11th of July). Barcelona en Transició is sending over 2 of its members to plug in and participate; Juan del Río and Duncan Crowley. The first is from the island of Mallorca and has been living in Barcelona for some years (he speaks Catalan fluently), the second from the island of Ireland who also has been living in Barcelona for some years (he doesent speak Catalan, but understands it more or less). They will contribute their inputs from the Barcelona perspective into the conference; transició, decreixement, local initiaves and projects… As well as offering views on the #SpanishRevolution and the acampadaBCN (which was finally evicted last week from Placa Catalunya, after 6 weeks of occupation and action. Even the urban garden was taken out) with which both have been participating heavily.


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