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INtransition 2012 fue una jornada Internacional sobre el movimiento de transición, que se realizo en Marbella el 27 de octubre del 2012, organizada por Arboretum Marbella (www.arboretummarbella.org) y patrocinada por Transition Network (www.transitionnetwork.org).

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(Personal sharing of thoughts on strategy from 1 member of Barcelona en Transició as the #SpanishRevolution returns to the streets and squares of Spain #12M15M Original article posted here)

After what seems like a summer break, things have been heating up in Spain, especially in Barcelona. Last week there was a massive general strike in Spain, which was mostly peaceful. But here in Barcelona the city looked like a warzone with fires burning, banks smashed up, a starbucks smashed and burned out, police shooting a massive amount of rubber bullets for over 3 hours. One protester has lost an eye, another has a ruptured spleen, many injuries

We have already seen huge violent protests in Greece, where already people have died and tragically a 77 year old man took his own life in protest this morning outside Stgyma square. Are we going to see a far more violent confrontation between the radical, and mostly anarko, elements of activists in the city against a police force that is getting ever more violent and a head of command, Puig, hell bent on such a showdown… OR, can we expect a growth of a more non violent, but still direct action based form of resistence to the Increadibly harsh measures of austerity?

As a pacifist, I would argue that the peaceful road is the one that we should go down. Not soley for the spiritual reasons for pacifism, but more so that I believe that this strategy is the only one that can get us to that better place that we really feel we will get to, soon!

To outline the hows and whys of how a pacifist approach can and will change the world, I`ll direct you to a very excellent recent talk: Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate Black Block Violence

Previous vids about debate between use of violence or not, from COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009: (Copenhagen ’09) Reclaim Power, that talk, that “riot”, that action, the consequences

Spanish General Strike: Spain: General strike demonstrations on March 29th | General strike marks another step forward for indignados (Reflections on a Revolution ROAR) | Spanish general strike: Notes from the margins (Red Pepper) Videos: LaTele Punt Cat: A multitude of multitudes | Inicidents from the 29M strike in Barcelona (in Catalan)


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(BeT ) Ciclo de cine @ CAT BAR

Esta película se proyectará el jueves 15 de Marzo 2012 en Barcelona en CAT BAR a las 20.30h. Será el segundo película de la Barcelona en Transició, de la commision CORAZÓN ♥. La primera del PARTE AMARILLO : QATSI (LA VIDA)


Calle 13 – Sin Mapa (Without a map – English Subtitles)

La banda de Perto Rico Calle 13 hizo una película, Sin mapa, en el año 2010 es acerca de sus viajes por América del Sur y la cultura indígena de la tierra y el arte. La película estuvo disponible gratis en iTunes y en DVD el 28 de julio de 2010.


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dissabte 14 de gener, trobada de Repobació Rural a Can Masdeu Can Masdeu

Infos: www.repoblacio.tkwww.canmasdeu.net


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Videos del encuentro con Satish Kumar, Fritjof Capra y Gunter Pauli, organizado por Poc a Poc en colaboración con la Conselleria d’Educació, Cultura i Universitats de les Illes Balears, celebrado en Pollensa los días 15 y 16 de octubre del 2011.
Todo el encuentro (8 horas)

Poc a Poc:

És un moviment d’activistes que impulsa la cura de la terra, l’ànima i la societat, sembrant utopies, recollint realitats…unint gent. Es un movimiento de activistas que impulsa el cuidado de la tierra, el alma y la sociedad, sembrando utopías, recogiendo realidades…uniendo gente


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