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El miércoles pasado, en el corazón del Barrio del Raval de Barcelona, ​​algunos de nosotros hicimos un taller para construir juntos una rocket stove, estufa del horno. La gente de Barcelona en Transició (BET) y la Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC) participaron. Llegamos, construimos, cocinamos, comimos, bebimos, nos reímos, compartimos, tuvimos muy divertido 🙂

Fotos: taller ROC de FOC en Can Roig: Parte 1 : Parte 2

Videos: el fuego y los panes : el vídeo que no te puedes perder: q le den el Oscar Rocket!!

mas infos: Build A Rocket Stove, Step-By-Step


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(BeT ) Ciclo de cine @ CAT BAR

Esta película se proyectará el jueves 15 de Marzo 2012 en Barcelona en CAT BAR a las 20.30h. Será el segundo película de la Barcelona en Transició, de la commision CORAZÓN ♥. La primera del PARTE AMARILLO : QATSI (LA VIDA)


Calle 13 – Sin Mapa (Without a map – English Subtitles)

La banda de Perto Rico Calle 13 hizo una película, Sin mapa, en el año 2010 es acerca de sus viajes por América del Sur y la cultura indígena de la tierra y el arte. La película estuvo disponible gratis en iTunes y en DVD el 28 de julio de 2010.


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Koyaanisqatsi – “Life Out of Balance”

Koyaanisqatsi is a 1982 film directed by Godfrey Reggio with music composed by Philip Glass and cinematography by Ron Fricke.

This film will be screened on Thursday 16th February 2012 in Barcelona at CAT BAR at 20.30h. It will be the first film of the Barcelona en TransicióHEART group.

“I saw this in a London cinema in Nov 1983, age 17. I’d no clue what it was going to be about -could have been a Rambo movie for all I knew. I just went along with my pals. Two hours later – back outside in the dank night – and my entire outlook, understanding and appreciation of music, nature, life, world – the way I saw everything just shifted and was never the same again.”

krakenwave comment


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dissabte 14 de gener, trobada de Repobació Rural a Can Masdeu Can Masdeu

Infos: www.repoblacio.tkwww.canmasdeu.net


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(Personal report from 1 of the Barcelona en Transició group, first posted here)

Wow, 2011, what a year!

But already it feels like 2012 is going to be MASSIVE!!!

Who would have thought how quick and how far things would move, it seems we already live in a totally different world from the one that was, this time 12 months ago, before everything started to get turned on its head. As a fella said:

“Did you ever wish you lived in one of those major moments in World history, well guess what, you are in one of those moments”

From the tragic and hopeless act of suicide in Tunisia, when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight, a spark flew. From Tunisia to Tahrir Square and all of North Africa we saw the dawn of the Arab Spring, from there across the 8 miles that splits Africa from Spain and we saw the 15M movement or the #SpanishRevolution kick off. There was huge hope that the DEMOCRACIA REAL YA movement would spark all over Europe, it didnt. But then things took the most unexpected jump, right into the the belly of the beast into the heart of the corrupt destructive unfair system that is destroying our world; all the bankers and cronies in Wall Street. From there the #OCCUPY movement was born, and with things more so in the English languge, an idea has spread like wildfire all around the squares and communities of many different peoples all over this precious little planet. The Network Age is truly kicking off. We are a connected global community, same dreams, same pains. For so long there was little or no hope. Some, the ecologists and activists that were earlier labeled the “anti-globalisation” movement, had told us all that the entire system was about to fail, due to infinite growth on a finite planet being impossible and that leading to PEAK EVERYTHING… No one listened. But then from 2008 and the start of the economic crisis (pity in english we only see the negative side of that important word; crisis) things began to change. Oil prices going up (again the transitionistas had been telling us all about this) which sparked food prices going up and unemployment spreading everywhere, here in Spain the unemployment rate is up to 23%. Difficult times, strange times, but great times to witness. Where can it all go, what do people want, how are trying to bring about that change?

In the following, you get a few ideas from the city of Barcelona, and beyond…

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